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The EEO program has closed, effective 29 June 2014. This website will be removed on 31 March 2015. Case studies and resources developed under the EEO program can be accessed at the Energy Efficiency Exchange ( website.

Addressing Recommendations from the Full Cycle Evaluation

The Full Cycle Evaluation (FCE) of the EEO Program made four recommendations:

  • to complete the second cycle of the program, acknowledging that while the EEO Program has improved organisational capability there is still room for improvement to embed energy efficiency into standard business practice
  • to change program requirements to become less prescriptive and offer alternative compliance mechanisms
  • to provide greater clarity on required compliance requirements and which aspects of EEO compliance are flexible and open to negotiation
  • to improve outcomes and  reduce compliance burden through a whole-of-government approach to industrial energy efficiency policy, streamlining of compliance obligations and harmonisation of reporting methods.

Proposed Regulation changes

In response to the evaluation recommendations, the department examined regulatory changes to reduce the compliance burden placed on corporations, whilst maintaining and improving the outcomes enabled by the program.

Discussion paper and feedback sessions

The department developed a discussion paper on the proposed changes. Feedback submissions to the discussion paper were sought. The department also hosted information feedback sessions in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth in May to directly discuss the proposed regulation changes with industry.

The department appreciated all stakeholder input received on the proposed areas of regulation change.

Summary of submissions

A summary of submissions which provides supporting detail for the amendments was prepared.

Exposure Draft

The ‘Exposure Draft – Energy Efficiency Opportunities Amendment (Assessment and Reporting) Regulation 2013’ was made available for stakeholder comment.

For more information on the process of developing the Regulation amendment, please call contact Kris McCoy (02) 6243 7532.